In addition to playing music, Greg writes fiction and poetry.  His work includes the
TZB-1003, the novella A Narrative in Search of Various Heretofore
Unwitnessed Wonders,
and the blog novel Walks with Mway.   He is also the
co-author, with his wife, Beverley Conrad, of
The Headless Dog, a book of local ghost
stories and legends.  These works are available for purchase at the Salem Swamp
Press website and at Bookpatch.  Greg's shorter pieces have appeared in the
Journal of Experimental Fiction, neotrope, gestalten,  The Seed, and New  World
.  His nonfiction has appeared in Indian-Artifacts Magazine and Paranormal
Greg's writing, like jazz, tends
to be probing and searching,
very conscious of the act of
creation; but , like the blues,
very mindful of everyday
realities.  He has a BA and an
MA in literature from Penn State
and SUNY-Binghamton
respecitvely.  At Penn State he
studied with writer Paul West.
TZB-1003 is about a shadowy
figure who follows two spirited
women on a highway through
central Pennsylvania into New
York State.  Here is the opening

At the city's edge they appeared,
TZB-1003, beautiful fugitive
spirits of the night.  Eidola under
the streetlamps that shone
everywhere upon no one, no one
eating in parking lots, no one
directing salvaging cranes--no
one to see except those of us
encased in metal carriages with
lamps of their own.   Like me,
borne over asphalt, down the dry
crepuscular artery gathering
together aluminum doors,
barb-topped fences, roof fans
and bricked windows, concrete
pediments fitted with spotlights
and burglary alarms.  I glided up
beside them before the glow of
the traffic light, unexpectedly red,
red, that had stopped all three of
A Narrative in Search of
Various Heretofore
Unwitnessed Wonders
ostensibly based upon the
journal of 18th century
explorer Fernando Guillaume
Faulstern Parker.  Here is how
it begins:

Far far far too short.  Way too
short.  Hardly any length at
all.  Just far too short.  Far far
too short.
Still too short.  Still very very
short.  Must get longer.  Want
to get longer.  Longer and
longer.  Longer.  Get longer.  
Needs to be longer.  Far too
short.  Far far too short.  
Needs to be longer.
Still too short.  Still very short.  
Must get longer.  Longer than
this.  Longer.  Longer.  Needs
to be longer.  Far too short.  
Way too short.  Get longer.  
Needs to be longer.  How
long?  Longer than this.  
Longer, longer, much longer
than this.
The blog novel Walks with
is about Sisyphus
Gregor, a frustrated writer
and musician, who,
surrounded by an
insurmountable silence,
starts keeping a diary about
taking his wife's dog for a
walk, then tries to pass it off
as a novel.  When he
uploads the diary to a
blogsite, he discovers that
his only faithful reader is the
dog, Mway.  While Gregor
struggles to describe the
flora and fauna on his 7-acre
property, and accumulates
mounds of diurnal minutia,
Mway at first scolds him for
not writing like her favorite
author, James Joyce, but
later praises him as the next
James Joyce.  She also
presents him with a treatise
on how she learned to read,
a critical analysis of
The Call of the Wild,
and lastly an alliterative
novel about an Australian
blue heeler, various
incarnations of Gregor's wife,
and James Joyce, Samuel
Beckett, Thelonious Monk,
and Miles Davis being
chased through the
Australian outback.
The Headless Dog,
co-written with
Beverley Conrad, is
a collection of ghost
stories and other
far-fetched tales of
Pennsylvania, some
of which were
gathered from
stories told to the
authors at their
longtime gig at the
historic Penn's
Tavern in Fisher's


One must imagine Sisyphus happy.
(Albert Camus,
The Myth of Sisyphus
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An excerpt of Greg's nonillustrated comic,
"The Adventures of Anxiety Man," has been
published in New World Writing, edited by
Frederick Barthelme.  
 Click here to view.